The Undertrained

I am the queen of undertraining. I don’t know how it always happens. I set out, goal in mind, race plan set, and then somewhere along the way I fall off the wagon. Life gets in the way, and by life, I usually mean sleep. So here I am, 9 days before my FIRST marathon and I have more red days on my calendar than green and yellow combined (my training calendar has this neat little setting where the runs you completed turn green, less than completed yellow and didn’t do red).

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of issues. From being sent home by my fiancé at mile 12 during a 16-miler because I was limping was just one of them. I have been sick, have extreme tendonitis in both ankles, the world’s worst shin splint on top of the dead legs that come with the high mileage of Hanson’s Training Method, I let many of my runs fall to the wayside. I am slow, so I know I can probably run/walk about 20 miles or so and be ok, but there’s a 6 hour time cut-off and that’s a serious concern. I got cortisone shots in both ankles to get me through the marathon and at this point I am hoping for the best.

I am normally cool as a cucumber. Working in the death industry, nothing is as big of a deal as dying. Except apparently a marathon, because it is all I think about. I think about the pain, the slow time, the “getting picked up by the bus” fear, and everything else in between. It’s all I do. I hate running right now, marathon training has absolutely ruined my love of running. But I want to run this one marathon, one time, and never do another. Will I make it? I  have run all but 1 of my half marathons completely undertrained (except for the one I ran right in the middle of marathon training and it was one of my slowest but the whole course was basically hills where I had to BEND IN A 90 DEGREE ANGLE to walk up and for this Florida girl, that was rough). I finished, miserably, all of those half marathons. I can honestly say I don’t even think I have given a 5-K the training it deserves. But guys, this is a marathon. Something to be respected, and I have disrespected it. Completely.

So, pray for me. Feed me encouragement. Tell me I am not the only one who doesn’t follow the plan.


So, I haven’t been here in a while. I’m going to try this route again. Let’s give you the quick updates:

  • got engaged! Woo!
  • marathon training for my first marathon October 9, 2016
  • working on my teaching license (1 test down, 2 to go)

Those are the main updates in my life. Pretty big life changes going on here. Let’s get on with update 1!

We got engaged on our trip to North Carolina. I knew it was coming but I was still totally surprised when it happened. He proposed in a blackberry patch when it was just us. It was perfect. We started wedding planning and set the date for September 22, 2017. I’m sure time will fly.


Update 2: Marathon training. Have any of y’all ever trained for a marathon? It is rough. I’m a month out today (holy crap!) and I’m exhausted. I don’t know how my dang legs are going to carry on. I’m running on the Hanson plan, which has me only running a max of a 16 mile long run. I’m heading out on that in the AM

Update 3: Getting my teaching license has been a whirlwind of decisions from getting a secondary bachelors in English, to thinking I was going to get a Master degree then changing my mind, to now I am still getting  a Bachelor in English (slowly) but I am going to get my teaching credentials taken care of as well. I will be starting an Educator Preparation Program in Spring after I pass my English Subject Area exam. Very exciting stuff. I cannot wait to pursue this path. It’s always been a dream of mine and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Those are my quick updates. Lots has happened, lots to come. Hopefully lots of blogging as well. Looking forward to having y’all along for the ride!


My first Crossfit competition

So last Saturday I competed in my first Crossfit competition and let me start by saying I did not do well. We placed 43 out 69. Like I said, we did not do well. That being said, we had a ton of fun.

I dragged my butt out of bed at 6:15am on Saturday morning. I had my bag packed already and my boyfriend was volunteering so we packed some blankets and chairs and headed out. We got down to the event at about 7:20am, set up our area, and I met up with my partner. I would like to point out, it was about the dead in winter in south Florida, a very windy 60 degrees. That may seem warm to some of you, but I can promise you it was freezing and my Floridian blood is thin. Our team name was “Where’s The Wine” and the events were in alphabetical order so we were in the last heat every time. Our first workout was at 10:30am so we waited around till then. Our first workout was:

50 hurdle hop buy-in each
20 pull-ups (from a box)
30 meter shuttle run
20 pull-ups
20 kettlebell swings (35lbs)
30 meter shuttle run
20 pull-ups
20 kettle bell swings
20 knees over hips
30 meter shuttle run
20 pull-ups
20 kettle bell swings
20 knees over hips
20 kettle bell goblet lunges
50 deadlifts (85lbs)

We finished in 8:43. I thought that was a good time but not great. Our second event was at 12:15 and was max distance broad jump and max 1 arm snatch. Your score was your max in each thing combined with your partners. This was the most ridiculous event. I can’t even tell you how far we got and I only remember my snatch was 50lbs. We never do one arm snatches in the gym and I think this was an extremely dangerous event to have at a competition. My partner and I agree to not push ourselves too hard before we even got there. Better to be uninjured and lose, than injure ourselves and probably still lose. Again, I want to make this clear, this was the stupidest exercise they could have had.

Our third event was a thruster relay at 1:30. We were the only heat going and everyone was watching our group of 6 teams. It was set up that partner one goes in each section then partner two:

4 facing the bar burpees
30 meter dumbbell farmers carry  (15lbs)
15 dumbbell thrusters
30 meter dumbbell farmers carry

4 facing the bar burpees
30 meter kettle bell farmers carry  (18lbs)
12 kettle bell thrusters
30 meter kettle bell farmers carry

4 facing the bar burpees
30 meter over the head bar carry (45lbs)
9 thrusters
30 meter over the head bar carry

We finished in 6:15. It may not have been the fastest, but I was extremely happy with this time. I am no longer sore from this event and I am really happy I did it. We obviously didn’t make the finals. I wish the one arm snatch wasn’t there, but oh well, it was fun.

Has anyone else competed in a Crossfit event?

The New Year

Ringing in the new year always seems to promise hope of a new tomorrow, and a new way of life. The simple fact of it is though, that the same concerns/issues/setbacks will still be present in the morning. Resolutions are great, as long as you put them into practice.

Today marks exactly two weeks since New Year’s Eve. Last night, I went out for girl’s night where we discussed a couple of our resolutions. 13 days into the new year and they were already falling apart. I refuse to let mine fall apart. 2016 is a new and exciting year for me and my resolutions are part of it. I am doing great at work, started school pursuing something I actually enjoy learning about, and my running has never been better. I don’t have too many resolutions, but they are:

  1. Pay off debt (isn’t this everyone’s resolution?)
  2. Run the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, MN on October 9, 2016
  3. Run the Space Coast Half Marathon in under 2:10:00
  4. Save $7,000 in addition to retirement savings

I wasn’t lying, I only have four. But they will be four that I complete (unless I tragically break my ankle and can’t run, I’ll be running that dang marathon).

So I ask you, what will you do with your “fresh start”?

A Real Runner

I’ve been running semi-consecutively since October 2010. There are many, many times when I feel like a runner. Unfortunately, there are also an equal amount of time that I don’t feel like a runner. Recently, I have been feeling like an impostor. I hadn’t run more than a 5-k since my surgery in April and the 5-K I did  run was slow and nothing to write home about. I have a half-marathon on Nov 29 and I have been avoiding my long run at all costs. I was convinced that it would be the most miserable struggle and I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Halloween morning I finally dragged my butt out of bed for a 7 mile run. It was a cool morning in South Florida so  I was feeling pretty hopeful.I headed out at 6am on my usual route with approx 60 other runners. Since I’m a turtle, I was pretty much at the back of the pack. I figured out recently how to change my Garmin so that it will only show one mile at a time, so decided to just worry about each mile and not counting down until I was done completely. The first mile went by quickly, then the second, and all of a sudden I was at the water stop at 2.5 miles. I grabbed some water, ate some GU, and kept on chugging. I felt so refreshed! There were occasional cold breezes like someone turned on the A/C. I got to 3.5 miles, grabbed water from the water stop, turned around and headed back.

In all honestly, it was a pretty uneventful run. In the second half there was one point where I was feeling tired, and no lie, Eye of the Tiger came on my Pandora. Perfect anthem to keep going!  I ran all 7 miles without walking and the second half was faster than the first. Literally the perfect run. Yesterday was the first day I have felt like a runner. I feel completely rejuvenated! Maybe now it’s time for new shoes….

So tell me, what makes you feel like a runner?

Eating Well on a Budget

I am an anomaly amongst most people my age. My boyfriend and I stay in (almost) every night and I cook dinner (almost) every night which leads to us having leftovers for lunch (almost) every day. At (almost, ha) 26, the fact that I even know how to cook is so strange among most young people I know. Eating out can be expensive, and terrible for you. We live on a $300 a month food budget. Yes, I said $300 a month. For two extremely active people who enjoy steak quite often and have meat with every meal.

I have seen countless blog posts about families of 4 living on $200 a month for food. While this is entirely possible, I have noticed a lot of those meal plans consist of pasta and lots of couponing. I’ve tried couponing, I have no time or patience for it. Florida doesn’t allow you to double coupons either, which makes real savings difficult. All of these things let me to make this post: How to eat well on a budget. I have listed the tricks I use to keep us in shape and under budget

1. Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s just opened in South Florida last year and I am obsessed. I have been a Publix girl all my life, but I have saved so much money shopping at Trader Joe’s. Not only is Trader Joe’s less expensive for so many things, but they have less items in their stores, which means not as many random purchases when I see something I want. Trader Joe’s, you are my savior and I am forever loyal to you.

2. Costco: If you do not have a membership to a bulk store, get yourself one immediately. I do not have personal experience with Sam’s Club or BJ’s, but Costco has great prices on everything from car tires to chicken breast. They sell plenty of organic food there as well and their fruit and vegetable selection is amazing. If you eat meat frequently, Costco is the place to go.

3. Fruit stands: Florida is full of fruit stands. I can go and get bags of fruits and vegetables for $15 They go bad quicker than ones from say, Publix, but they’re ripe, delicious and inexpensive.

4. Meal plan: This seems like common sense, but meal planning is extremely helpful to keep your budget down. Again, it reduces the amount of unnecessary purchases.

5. Stay away from Whole Foods!: This may stir up some controversy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love going into Whole Foods. It makes me feel like I have this healthy lifestyle thing on lock and I feel fancy. But let’s face it, Whole Foods is in no way price conscious. Just stay away.

Those are my main four ways I keep our budget low. Let me know what you think and if you have any ways you keep your healthy food budget low!

Team in Training

I’m not going to lie. I kind of jumped into this Team In Training (TNT) thing without too much thought. A few weeks ago I came to the realization that I had only raise 1/3 of the money I needed and the deadline was a mere 3 months away. I got cracking, sent letters, and now I am only $80 away! I will be posting about my TNT experience as things come.

I signed up with TNT for my 10th Half Marathon. This will be the third year I am running the Space Coast Marathon and I am hoping to beat both of my times from the previous two years with a sub 2:10. My running has been slacking but I am going to kick it into gear in the morning (pray I wake up). I created a training schedule similar to Runner’s World’s sub 2:00 hour plan. If I break two hours, I will sit down and cry big crocodile tears of joy at the finish line. Really, I will. Below is the training plan (again this is MY training plan, not a suggested one for everyone to use) so y’all can keep me accountable!

Space Coast 2015

I also created this little training log so I can log my miles and how I felt about them. I already printed them out and filled in my planned runs for the training period, so then I will be forced to write a sad face in when I miss the run.

Training log

Keep me accountable guys! I’ve got a lot of changes coming my way over the next few months and this blog will be where most of my thoughts get aired out.

My question for you is: Have you ever run with a charity organization? What was your experience like?