The yoga trials: part 1

While I haven’t started training again, I did attend a yoga/pilates fusion class last night. These classes are cruel and unusual punishment for someone like me. Let me explain…

I have no balance. This is in no way an exaggeration or a joke of any kind. I can’t balance for anything. I have no arches and double jointed ankles which makes trying to stand on one foot a wobbly mess. I am not quite as bad as my mother, who is hilarious to watch during the class (btw, do not laugh in yoga. It is apparently frowned upon). I wobble, and fall, and pretty much make a fool of myself for the whole hour. I am not in the least bit flexible either, which is essentially why I started the class. I want to be able to fully touch my toes. Currently I get to about just after the midway point in my shin.

But today, today I am tired. I mean that isn’t uncommon for me to be tired but I am. Juggling a full-time job, sleep, dating, friends is hard enough let alone doing all of those things around my running schedule. I live my life through my planner. It’s the only way I’d survive.


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