Run 4 The Pies

Yesterday, I participated in the Run 4 The Pies. It was an eventful day to say the least. I missed logging my last run, it was an angry hill climb on the treadmill. 3.1 miles in 35 minutes and change. Success if you ask me.

Now, back to yesterday. My lazy butt crawled out of bed (on my day off) at 5:45am to drive 35 minutes to a 4 mile run. It was freezing cold that morning and that combined with a few other things, maybe I will discuss them later, made for a difficult run. One of my sorority sisters joined me on this adventure and she is currently recovering from strep throat. I ran with her for the first mile and a half and then we decided I should keep going and she would walk the rest. All in all I’m pretty happy with completing the run in 46:33.2, even though my first split was a 19.31.1, leaving me at an average of 11:38 per mile. I’m happy with that. I’m trying to start running under 12 minute miles so I am ecstatic with this. My legs are sore today but its a good sore. I also got to break in my new running shoes. I bought a pair of Brooks to replace my New Balance sneakers back in July but I hated them. They made my feet hurt after the first mile. Not ok. I just decided I was going bite the bullet and buy the upgraded version of my New Balance sneakers. It’s like returning home. I love them and I couldn’t be happier.

Tomorrow I have another 4 mile run and I want to complete that around the same time as the one I had yesterday.

Finish time: 46:33

Splits: 11:38

Packet pick-up: I was unable to go to pick up my packet the day before the race (since I work full-time) so I got to the race super early to pick up my shirt and packet. The packet pick up on race day was well organized and very quick and easy. I was disappointed in the fact that I did not receive an extra small shirt, since they had run out, and since the small was unisex, I swim in it. Needless to say I won’t be wearing it often, even though it was a cute shirt.

The Medal: This was the first year the Run 4 The Pies had a medal and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I love medals and if a race gives out a finisher’s medal, chances are I’m going to run it. (insert picture of medal)

The Swag: (insert picture of shirt) The goodie bag was given out in a plastic shopping bag and the main contents were coupons for a running store and some for services and fliers for upcoming races. Nothing too exciting. The shirt design is cute and it is a dri-fit. I appreciate the option for extra small, even though they ran out

The Good: Overall I liked the run. The post race area was a fun atmosphere and there were tents where runners could purchase merchandise. There was plenty of refreshments and the medal distribution was seamless. I really liked that this race was a 4 miler which is so different than the usual 5K races.

The Bad: I was not too impressed by the course itself. It wound through neighborhoods which let the residents sit in their yards as the race went by. I saw some pretty interesting things, like a bacon stand, but the course itself was boring. And I missed the first mile marker completely.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly about this race. I’ll be back again.


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