it goes better with a group

Darkness took over last evening as my running group gathered for our run. Luckily our run was illuminated by flashes of lightning…not! The weather was terrible last night. We were already damp from the high humidity before we even started the run (and it’s December). I ran the 4 mile stretch in 44 minutes (hooray!) even though it was like breathing in bath water since there was so much water in the air. Overall, it was a very successful run. Part of the run is right along the beach and I can smell the salty air. The very first and last bit of the run is up and over the bridge over the intracoastal. It is quite a climb and a great way to warm up/push yourself at the end.

I just signed up for my first 10k this Saturday. Last minute but I am super excited for it. Just one more goal to push towards…


Back on the grind

I skipped my Saturday long run, sort of as a mix of a shin splint and my weekend was just too busy but today I was back in the gym, jogging along. My shin splint seemed to stay at bay during my run and then it was back and bis day. We had a great little work out until the abs came up.

I am already starting to see some definition in my upper abs (I build muscle super quickly) so many of the ab exercises we worked on yesterday were not an issue. About 3/4 of the way through the exercises my mom took the bar weight we were using, put it under her neck and laid down. Yes, she proceeded to lay down in the middle of abs exercises using a bar weight as a pillow. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the woman that gave birth to me. I then glared at her until she sat up and we could finish the set.

Oh mother, when will you learn.

Running “sick” days

We all have them, those days when running feels like it is going to destroy you. That was me today. I literally thought I was going to cry even during just a light jog. The shin splints had made their mark and I needed to recover from them. The cybex machine is not nearly as entertaining as running is, but it got the job done.

Then on to weights. This was only the first upper body workout my mother was attempting of the new workout plan I made for her. She did not enjoy it at all. When it came time for tricep dips, she flat out told me “no” and that was the end of that. Abs was nothing too exciting for today.

Until next time…

the running group

This was my third run with one of the two running groups I’m a part of. This Tuesday night group runs pretty quickly, most of the group finishes 6 miles in the time it takes me to finish 4 but it is a good motivator. The course runs up over a bridge and down by the ocean, you can smell the salt water and then back up over the bridge for the end. Not only does the bridge serve as a great workout, it’s a great way to end the run with a bang. I am quite proud of myself for the run today. The shin splints have returned. I don’t know why they decided to pop up but this was the worst shin splint I have ever had. I started favoring my left leg and ended up with blisters on the arch of my right foot. The blisters were so bad, I legit have a blister on top of another blister. Oh, the trials and tribulations of running. But I pushed through, and finished in under 47 minutes (I think it was closer to 46 but since I don’t have an exact time, I’ll round up).

I am currently sitting here, writing this post and icing my shin. I am also facing a difficult decision: to stay up an hour and watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or to go to bed on time and watch the recorded show tomorrow. While it would be great motivation, I think my motivation for my bed is stronger. 

My tip for the day: I’ve decided to add a tip for the day, in case I ever get readers. So, along with my running updates, I’ll add tips, my favorite gear and etc. So today my tip is:

Make sure your shoes are tied properly. I’ve decided my blisters and shin splints are directly related to my shoes being too loose. Tie them to fit your feet!

first day of the workout month

I made a workout plan/schedule for my mother (who is 61 years old and not in the best physical shape but still a trooper) and I. This was the first day of it. We did 30 minutes of cardio (34 for me because I ran 3 miles on the treadmill hill setting. Hooray!!!) and then moved on to leg day. She did great! We did an entire leg workout of squats with a couple wall sits mixed in and even though she complained the whole time, she completed everything I asked her to.

Then we moved on to abs…this is when the complaining truly reached its peak. She pushed through but still complained the whole time. She said forget it when it came to side planks though. Baby steps, baby steps.

Until next time, folks.

running…or lack there of

This past week has been crazy. I worked till 9 two nights and was out of town one. Friday night, when I finally got to the gym, I was giddy. I settled in on my favorite treadmill ready to crank out 3 miles. Then came the dreaded side stitch. Why do they appear and why do they haunt about 50% of my runs? They are pure torture. Needless to say I made it about a mile and a half before I had to abandon the treadmill and move on to weights. 

My upper body workout went flawlessly and I have now begun my ab attack. I would love to have definition in my abs. Not necessarily a six-pack but something along those lines. So, along with my running I will be updating my status on my abs. Maybe next workout I’ll get feisty and post a picture of my lack of abs. Don’t get me wrong, I am fairly in shape. I just want some definition.

Today I ran again, through my side stitch. I ran 4.25 miles on the hills setting. The dreaded side stitch returned but I refused to give in. I ran through it, even though it was terribly painful. I really need to find a remedy for these pains. They are really “cramping” my runs, no pun intended. 

I need some motivation. I am seriously having the hardest time training for my runs. My next half will be on February 23 and I would love to be able to run the entire thing. I know no one reads this, but any motivation would help.

Until next time