running…or lack there of

This past week has been crazy. I worked till 9 two nights and was out of town one. Friday night, when I finally got to the gym, I was giddy. I settled in on my favorite treadmill ready to crank out 3 miles. Then came the dreaded side stitch. Why do they appear and why do they haunt about 50% of my runs? They are pure torture. Needless to say I made it about a mile and a half before I had to abandon the treadmill and move on to weights. 

My upper body workout went flawlessly and I have now begun my ab attack. I would love to have definition in my abs. Not necessarily a six-pack but something along those lines. So, along with my running I will be updating my status on my abs. Maybe next workout I’ll get feisty and post a picture of my lack of abs. Don’t get me wrong, I am fairly in shape. I just want some definition.

Today I ran again, through my side stitch. I ran 4.25 miles on the hills setting. The dreaded side stitch returned but I refused to give in. I ran through it, even though it was terribly painful. I really need to find a remedy for these pains. They are really “cramping” my runs, no pun intended. 

I need some motivation. I am seriously having the hardest time training for my runs. My next half will be on February 23 and I would love to be able to run the entire thing. I know no one reads this, but any motivation would help.

Until next time


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