the running group

This was my third run with one of the two running groups I’m a part of. This Tuesday night group runs pretty quickly, most of the group finishes 6 miles in the time it takes me to finish 4 but it is a good motivator. The course runs up over a bridge and down by the ocean, you can smell the salt water and then back up over the bridge for the end. Not only does the bridge serve as a great workout, it’s a great way to end the run with a bang. I am quite proud of myself for the run today. The shin splints have returned. I don’t know why they decided to pop up but this was the worst shin splint I have ever had. I started favoring my left leg and ended up with blisters on the arch of my right foot. The blisters were so bad, I legit have a blister on top of another blister. Oh, the trials and tribulations of running. But I pushed through, and finished in under 47 minutes (I think it was closer to 46 but since I don’t have an exact time, I’ll round up).

I am currently sitting here, writing this post and icing my shin. I am also facing a difficult decision: to stay up an hour and watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or to go to bed on time and watch the recorded show tomorrow. While it would be great motivation, I think my motivation for my bed is stronger. 

My tip for the day: I’ve decided to add a tip for the day, in case I ever get readers. So, along with my running updates, I’ll add tips, my favorite gear and etc. So today my tip is:

Make sure your shoes are tied properly. I’ve decided my blisters and shin splints are directly related to my shoes being too loose. Tie them to fit your feet!


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