Back on the grind

I skipped my Saturday long run, sort of as a mix of a shin splint and my weekend was just too busy but today I was back in the gym, jogging along. My shin splint seemed to stay at bay during my run and then it was back and bis day. We had a great little work out until the abs came up.

I am already starting to see some definition in my upper abs (I build muscle super quickly) so many of the ab exercises we worked on yesterday were not an issue. About 3/4 of the way through the exercises my mom took the bar weight we were using, put it under her neck and laid down. Yes, she proceeded to lay down in the middle of abs exercises using a bar weight as a pillow. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the woman that gave birth to me. I then glared at her until she sat up and we could finish the set.

Oh mother, when will you learn.


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