Slacking is an understatement

My personal statement for the year 2013 is “slacker”. I can not convince myself to go run for whatever reason. I am constantly exhausted and my weekend runs were non-existant for the last week because I could not drag my sorry but out of the bed that early in the morning to save my life. Sleep has become my best friend and worst enemy. I have a half marathon 6 weeks (yes I said a measely 6!) from this Saturday and I am in no way prepared. 

Today I am running. I will probably want to cry the whole time but I am so looking forward to my runners high. I am running 5 miles tonight (eek!) and I will be running 8-9, preferably 9 (double eek!) this Saturday. No excuses will be accepted. I just need to keep repeating “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” and be like Thomas the Train. The sad part is I have all of this new running gear I would love to use! I was overwhelmed Christmas morning with new headphones from Yurbuds, Zensah sleeves, a new Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS watch with heartrate monitor, a foam roller, a spi belt, a new iPod and 4 pairs of Experia socks. Obviously my family is very aware of what I enjoy doing in my free time (see picture below). I need to use all of my new gadgets and I need some motivation. Someone, give me some motivation.

So here it goes, today is my first run of many in the new year. Look out for a post of my New Year Resolutions!


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