Dating and running

Dating is hard as it is. My mother thinks she is hilarious and gave me a figurine of a woman covered in cats with the saying “Dating is hard, but so is being the crazy cat lady.” Obviously she has so much faith in me. Recently, I began seeing an old flame. He leads an active lifestyle as well but no matter what I do, dating and running just do not seem to see eye-to-eye. All of my scheduled run days are usually the days that he is in town and asks to hang out (yes, he is not only traveling for work but lives about 2.5 hours away).

What is a running girl to do? The whole reason I started this blog was for issues like this, run girl problems. I wish to continue our relationship but my relationship with the pavement is taking a major hit. I reschedule runs and try to wake up for my early runs the same way I used to but those early morning jaunts on a Saturday morning are just not too appetizing after a late night excursion with the boy.

So currently I am struggling to maintain both relationships. And struggle is an understatement. I have a feeling that this will be a multiple post topic…


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