Adding a Monday and 3 Miles

My friend Ariel recently moved back from Washington, D.C. She registered with me for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. I am now forcing her to be my running buddy. My hardest challenge with leaving college is finding a friend about my age to run with. Most of my friends where I live now look at me like I’m a lunatic for running (they’re probably right). So Ariel goes to grad school about 5 minutes from where I work Mon-Wed from 7-10pm. I came up with the great idea that we will run along the ocean on Mondays around 5:30 so she can get a run in before class. So this Monday we got together and began to run over a bridge and along the ocean a few minutes away from where I work. We started our little 3 mile jaunt by running the bridge over the intracoastal. I like running over bridges because in Florida, they are the only hills I have and it is a nice way to warm up the legs for the rest of the run. I thought the worst of the hill would be over as we headed down the bridge. Much to my dismay, most of the run was small inclines and declines. To me, any kind of incline is like the largest hill I’ve ever encountered. My calves were screaming from mile run. We reached the halfway point and turned around to head back. While I can run farther than Ariel, she (and everyone else for that matter) can run faster. She went up and over the bridge and finished right before me. I finished my 3 mile run in 31:16, which is about 10:22 minute miles on average. Not bad for a hilly surface and being a whiney baby.

I’ve decided the hardest part about this experience, is blogging. I have an issue trying to find time to write down about my runs and remember to do them. I’m getting better but it’s a struggle.


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