They say the hardest step for a runner is the one out the door

I dragged my sleepy butt out of bed at 5am on a Saturday (yes, torture I know) and made the 35 minute drive up to meet my other running group for a run. Originally my thought had been to run 8 miles. Needless to say, that did not happen. I struggled through the first 2 miles. My knees were aching, my calves were sore and I was just all around having the worst time trying to wake myself up and stretch out for this run.

When mile 3 rolled around it was all I could do to finish it and turn around and head back. My pace felt like I was dragging along. When I finally turned around I got a small second wind. I powered along through miles 4 and 5. I was cruising and I knew I could finish. As soon as I started mile 6 though, it all went back downhill. I was huffing and puffing and hurting but I finished that 6 miles and I felt so accomplished. I do not know why my body hates running in the morning so much, but I cannot seem to wake up enough to run. My heart rate won’t even out my muscles are stiff and sore and no matter what I eat, I am ALWAYS starving.  If anyone has any suggestions as to how to wake my body up for a morning run, please let me know (especially since most races happen early in the AM). I finished the run in 1:14:01, which averages out to about 12:21 minute miles, which is pretty good considering how terrible I felt during the run.

 I will be running this same run, adding 2 miles to make it 8, this Saturday morning. I will finish 8 miles Saturday, no matter how much I want to stop and sit down. Even though I have a date Friday, I will be chugging water and bringing breakfast/running clothes for the morning (hey, you never know).


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