An easy 5 miles

Two years ago that would’ve been a contradiction in itself. When I first started running, I couldn’t even run a mile without feeling exhausted. I slowly began dragging my butt through running workouts to run my first half marathon, the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2011. After that run I could barely walk and was sore for a week. I took over a year off from running and after a break up, began running again this July. I have seen a steady improvement in my distance and time and this Tuesday was no different.

I ran 5 miles at a leisurely pace of about 12:30. I felt good during the whole run, minus the stiffness I usually feel in the beginning miles of my run and finished out strong. I am not hurting from it and I am still so happy to have completed a run of 5 miles at a relatively easy pace. And the best part is, that easy pace I was running is my goal pace for my half! With my half quickly approaching, I am beginning to have the anxiety I feel when I start thinking that I am not prepared for this run. I start wondering if my mileage is enough and how much the runs I skipped are going to hurt me (incidentally I have to skip my speed work this week to go get my iPhone fixed). A lot of times I feel like I am the only person in the entire world having these issues. Like its just me against the pavement, even though I know so many other running have the same issues.

I’ll be out there running on Saturday morning. I probably won’t be happy about it, but I’ll be out there. At the 4 mile point in my run Tuesday I asked myself, “could you run another four miles?” My answer was hell yes. Hopefully I feel the same way at 6am Saturday morning.


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