Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon

 I was sick before this race. I don’t mean “cough cough, I have a cold”, I mean full on flu sick. I was sure I was dying at one point. Then once I got over the initial illness, the cough stayed. I coughed my way through this whole race.

Let’s start from the beginning. We got there and checked our bags and jackets before the race. I was not expected the unexpected drop in temperature and it was quite chilly. I stood in my corral shivering, waiting for the race to start. I had huddled down on the ground since my tank and shorts was not the most appropriate choice for the weather when a Good Samaritan (and a very smart woman) asked me if I would like her sweatshirt. She told me I could keep her sweatshirt since she was not that cold and it was her throwaway sweatshirt. I was so grateful and wore that sweatshirt the entire race. It was freezing!

The first mile in I knew something was wrong. I doubled over completely out of breath. The flu I had  a few weeks earlier had not cleared from my lungs so breathing was a struggle. I dropped from my 12 minute mile pace down to over 15 minute miles. I huffed and puffed my way through all 13.1 miles. There were points that I didn’t think I could finish but I refused to be taken away in a golf cart. So I finished. Then I waddled my way to the finish line party and had one drink and then I was ready for bed. It was a long night to say the least.

Finish time: 3:26:28

Splits: 48:25 at 5k, 1:36:26 at 10k, 2:25:39 at 15k

Packet pick-up: It wasn’t great and it wasn’t terrible. Not much to say on this subject.

The Medal: Not my favorite Disney medal, but it is pretty cool either way (insert medal pic)

The Swag: Pretty sweet long sleeve dri-fit shirt (even though it doesn’t fit). The goodie bag didn’t have anything too exciting in it. There was a 10 dollar gift card to use in the park after the race which was a nice little perk.

The Good: Overall, I really liked the theme of this race. I mean, who wouldn’t want to run a race where booze and food was given freely at the end. Running through the Disney parks at night was also a very interesting way to see the parks. I liked that they had lit up the lights in Hollywood Studios for us to run through. The characters along the race are one of my favorite things as well. I loved taking pictures with them. I do love the expos at Disney. They are always awesome and I seem to go on a spree whenever I’m there. I forgot my compression sleeves for my calves so I had to buy a pair while I was there and I also bought quite a few Sweaty Bands (if you haven’t tried them, you must. They are by far the best headbands I’ve found).

The Bad: They ran out of extra small shirts. This is Disney. This race sold out months before the event, they could have ordered the correct number of shirts. It will take some surgery to fix this shirt so it is wearable.

The Ugly: My running is the only ugly part about this race. I am embarrassed but overall it was a fun experience.


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