Classics By The Sea 10K

Classics By The Sea 10K

This was my first 10k. It’s an annual 5K and 10K put on by the Palm Beach Roadrunners (one of my two running clubs). I was nervous about signing up for a 10K and ended up signing up last minute. I have decided that even though they are rough, 10Ks are my favorite distance to race. I can’t wait to run another.  I was feeling pretty stiff miles 1 and 2, which is normal for me. I usually hit a stride right around mile 4, which I did this race as well. I chugged along throughout the entire race, finished 17 seconds over my goal time (I told my mom I would cry if I finished in 65 minutes, which I knew would not happen). I was being plagued by the blister that would not leave during this race but I powered through it. Overall my time averaged out to 12:09 minute miles, which is right at my race pace target for my half in February. If I can keep this pace up, I will finish in under 2:45 for sure!

Finish time: 1:15:17.2

Splits: 12:09 per mile

Packet pick-up: I sent my dad up to Jupiter to pick up my packet. He was headed up that way anyways for a party he had to do so I begged and pleaded with him to pick up my swag early so I could get a shirt in my size. Thankfully my dad decided to be nice and went to pick up the packet. The packet pick up was at a local running store and he said it was unorganized. He said the person distributing packets seemed awfully confused as to what to do when he got up there.

The Medal: Pretty sweet medal.

The Swag: Cute shirt. It’s a long sleeve dri-fit which I love! The design is below. The design was placed on a light teal shirt. And I actually got it in my size so double win there.

The Good: Mile markers were easy to see, the course was beautiful. I liked that the start and finish were at the same place making easy for my mother to wait for me to cross the finish line. The race was also an Accuchip event, which is awesome for recording exact time.

The Bad: Where was the water? It may be December but in Florida, it is warm more often than it is cold. This run was late enough in the day that it had warmed up considerably by the time I was at mile 3 (yes, I am a slow runner but I wasn’t the last to finish).

They also started the 5K and 10K at the same time and the 5K turn around was a little hard to notice. I ran the 10K so I didn’t have to worry about it but I heard many other runners complaining about the fact that the turn around was just a small cone in the road. It was a little disheartening running the 10K when after mile one I was already seeing 5K participants on their way back to the finish line

The Ugly: Nothing ugly about this race. I am excited for next year!


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