South Florida Fair 5K

Another last minute sign up. This was the second year this race was put on and I dragged my mom with me to go. I was pumped for my 4th 5K (the first wasn’t timed, the second was the Warrior Dash, the third was the Color Run which isn’t timed and then this one). My goal was to finish in under 35 minutes.

As soon as the race started, I knew I was in for a doozy. We immediately started to go up an incline. On the way down I thought “Ok, that wasn’t so bad”. I was wrong. The rest of the course was a constant up and down with uneven pathways and twists and turns. It was muggy as all get out on that run. I felt like I was sucking in water. But I am happy to say, I finished in under 35 minutes! I am well on my way to a sub-30 minute 5K.

Finish Time: 34:23

Splits: 11:11 per mile

Packet pick-up:  I went to the running store associated with this run to pick up my packet. Packet pick up was slated to run until 9, but when I got there at 8 they said it had already ended. She allowed me to pick up my bib and shirt anyways and informed me that the goodie bag would be distributed upon finishing the run.

The Medal:

The Swag: They didn’t offer an option for extra small so I swim in the unisex shirt, but it is dri-fit. And in addition to the bag of coupons and race fliers, they also gave out a free ticket to the South Florida Fair! I love the fair so this was a huge bonus for me.

The Good: The swag was pretty good. The course was challenging.

The Bad:  The line for food was terribly long. Other than that, nothing too bad.

The Ugly:  Nothing. I will be back next year!


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