The Newbie Chronicles

Recently I started reading articles from the “Newbie” in the Runners World magazine. I started with this month’s issue where he wrote an article about the first marathon he ran. It was a rather long article, but I laughed the entire time I was reading it. Everything he said was spot on to how I feel when I’m running.

If you would like to read the article, you can find it here….

My favorite part of this article is the zombie portion. There are times when I am probably moving no faster than an upbeat walk but I feel as though I am breaking the sound barrier. This happens quite a bit on my long runs, about the last quarter mile or so when I crank it up and head to the end. I have run right past many friends and family without even noticing them trying to be whatever time I had in my head.

I am now in the process of reading all of his past articles. Sometimes I feel like I’m by myself with all of my running issues but his articles make me feel like its not just me. Plus you’re guaranteed a good laugh from reading them. Check them out and read them when you’re having a rough run day. They’ve been helping me.


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