My Saturday Run…kinda

So I’ve been bad this week, both with running and blogging. This isn’t necessarily the best time to be bad since my half marathon (which I feel completely unprepared for) is a month from two days ago.

I did crawl out of bed and run this Saturday. Not at the ass crack of dawn like I was supposed to, but around 11am. It was still cool out since there was a cold front rolling through. The reason I did not drag myself from bed Saturday morning was simple, it was raining. I thought I’d wait later in the day and try then. I started out into my boy’s neighborhood down dirt roads and sidewalks. About a mile in, the rain began. I will admit, occassionally rain is fun to run through. Maybe for a few miles and with a hat on. This was not fun rain. It was cold front rain and I did not have a hat. I trudged on, wanting to stop from mile one(this was supposed to be an 8 mile run). I trudged along through the rain and hated every minute.

By 3.5 miles, I decided there was no way I could continue running another 4.5 miles. I finished up 5 miles, came inside and proclaimed that I would never run in the rain again. It was a terrible, dragging run. I’m not even sure of the time.

I took the week off due to one simple reason, I had no time. This was not the “you have to make time to run” no time, I literally have had an action packed week. The South Florida Fair is currently in town so since my running partner bailed due to MLK day, I went to the fair (as a date!). Tuesday night, my usual night for longer runs during the week, my mother had signed us up for a pasta making class that ran until 9:30pm that night. Wednesday night is yoga night. Last night, I had yet another date. It’s long distance guys, so don’t think I’m bailing too much just making the most of when I will actually get to see him.

Tomorrow morning I will be crawling out of bed at the ass crack of dawn to run 10 miles. I will run this 10 mile run, no matter what. Any encouragement would be amazing, since I’m sure this will be difficult and torture. I have commited myself though. I have slacked too much.


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