10 miles and a new friend

I dragged my butt out of bed like a good little runner Saturday morning. It was slightly chilly here so I made my first attempt wearing a long sleeve tech shirt for my run and capris. I drove the 30 minute drive to meet up with my running club. This weekend was the ING Miami Marathon so the attendance was scarce. My watch was dead in the morning when I work up so I charged it on the drive but I was still worried it might die.

I started my out and back loop with the intention of running 10 miles. As one of the slowest people on the run, I took my place in the back. I was jogging along at a comfortable 12:30 pace when I came up beside another runner. She asked me if this was my warm up pace or my usual pace. I informed her that this was my pace for the run since I was on my weekly LSD. She asked if she could run with me since it was pitch black and I said of course! I had my fingers crossed that she may turn out to be a great running partner.

 I am extremely happy to say that I now have a running partner. She ran and chatted with me at my pace for almost 7 miles before having to back off and walk a bit more. Even though I didn’t finish in the time I would have liked to, I was so excited to just have someone to pass the time with. The run I had been dreading all week became and enjoyable outing with a new friend. We exchanged information and I hope to see her on my next run in two weeks!

Overall, I felt pretty good after my run. My right IT band was giving me a bit of trouble later that night but everything else seemed to be fine. I went to a fundraiser for work with the boy on Saturday night and had no problems walking around in my cowboy boots and even enjoying a drink or two.

Tonight I increase my Tuesday night runs to 6 miles. Should be interesting…


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