Warrior Dash – Lake Wales

Warrior Dash – Lake Wales

This was my second Warrior Dash at the Triple Canopy Ranch in Lake Wales, FL. I ran last year with my best friend and boyfriend but this year I went with two guy friends. We decided to camp at the Triple Canopy Ranch. Please note that I was born and raised in South East Florida, and I still live here for the next part of my story. We got in around 9pm and set up camp in the freezing cold. Yes, I mean freezing cold because the over night low dipped below the freezing point. Sleeping in a tent in the freezing cold is not the most enjoyable thing. We work up on Saturday morning, got dressed, made breakfast then headed on over to the packet pick-up. We zoomed right through the lines and headed on over to the concert area to enjoy the live band. The ambiance of Warrior Dash is great. When it was finally our time to run we went on over to the corral. The gunshot sounded and the fire exploded as the runners took off onto the course. Our group set off into the sand/dirt mixture that most of the course consisted of. We tredged through the mud, hoisted ourselves over walls, dipped through nets and crawled under barbed wire. The obstacles were challenging but not impossible and I have quite a few bruises to show for it. When we came up on the 3rd to last obstacle, I was shocked to see that there was a 30-minute wait. 30-minutes?!? That’s ridiculous. It was by far the hardest obstacle and my favorite but I was not pleased about waiting 30-minutes. Right before I started climbing over the nets,a nerdy guy in glasses was at the top of the wall. He was dressed up like Batman and soon the whole crowd was chanting for him. He put on his Batman mask and you could tell this was one of the best times of his life. It warmed my heart. We completed the obstacle, hopped over fire and crawled through the muddy water to cross the finish line.

I grabbed my beer, snapped a few pictures and rinsed off before changing and relaxing the rest of the day.



Finish time: 1:18:19.30

Splits: 26:01 per mile

Packet pick-up: Quick and painless. No complaints

The medal: Pretty sweet medal. I love the fact that it’s a bottle opener. It’s much better than last years.


The Swag: Pretty decent haul. Upon completion runners receive a shirt, warrior hat, medal and a beer. The hat is obviously my favorite part.


The Good: The obstacles were much more challenging this year. I ran the Warrior Dash last year after running the Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash seemed like a cake walk. This year the obstacles were harder and they have left me sore for days.

The Bad: Not to be a negative Nancy, but the shirt is almost exactly the same shirt from last year. I would’ve enojoyed a new shirt design. The shirt is comfy as all get out though, don’t get me wrong.

The Ugly: The wait for obstacles was definitely the worst part of this race. Warrior Dash is one of the largest and most popular mud runs and a 30-minute wait for an obstacle is just ridiculous. There needs to be smaller waves or the obstacles need to be bigger for more runners to pass through or something, but that was unacceptable.


2 thoughts on “Warrior Dash – Lake Wales

  1. Ugh, the wait for obstacles would have annoyed me, too! I still haven’t done a warrior dash… I’d like to try it sometime!

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