Another Tuesday 6-miler

I did not feel like running 6-miles on Tuesday. There’s been something in the air recently that has made myself and everyone around me the sleepiest of people. Everyday is a struggle to pull myself out of bed, no matter what time I go to sleep. I dragged myself to meet my running group and we embarked on our runs. There is a marathon coming up down here the week before my half marathon so most of my group was tapering and only running the 4 mile loop. I was on my own for the 6 mile loop. I ran the first two miles without my normal walk break and then walked about .08 of a mile like I was stopping at my first water station. I can’t even walk and drink so I definitely can’t run and drink. So during my half I will be walking for water and to take a few energy chews every other water stop or so. I ran to mile 4, took my little walk break and then picked back up into a run for the last two miles. When my Garmin binged to inform me that I had completed mile 5, I picked up the pace. I was going to finish this 6-miler strong. I ran all the way until the 6th mile binged into my watch. I had finished in 1:11:14. Angels came down to sing to me at that point since I had run 6 miles in under 12 minute miles. It was just barely under the 12 minute mark, but it was under all the same. I’m getting stronger, faster, and better with every run. I can’t wait to keep it up.


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