Stridin’ or stumblin’?

The question that always plagues me during runs is, “when will my stride hit?”. I know that many runners mention that after so many minutes into their run, they hit a stride. I have yet to find this magical time they speak of. I would love to have that moment during my run where my breathing relaxes, my pace steadies and I am just trotting along without a care in the world…

This has not happened to me. Even at short distances, I still find myself huffing and puffing like I already ran a half marathon. While I will admit that it takes a few miles for my calves to stop screaming at me and warm up, I am still never comfortable during a run. I probably never will be either. Currently, I am a turtle. I have high hopes that maybe one day I will be able to run some astonishing pace like an 8-minute mile (maybe not astonishing to some, but astonishing to me). Since summertime in Florida is the time when most people recover and don’t race, I won’t be increasing mileage. I’m going to stick at about 10 miles a week for my long runs and try and improve my speed. I have hefty goals when it comes to speed. I most recently dropped my pace from just under 15 minute miles to just over 12 minutes miles. It’s a huge drop and I’m hoping I can keep it up. 10-minute miles are my goal during the summer. And I would cry big crocodile tears if I ever ran a half in under two hours. Maybe one day. I might add that to my goals for the year just to have something to try for.

So I must ask, what’s your pace and how did you get there?


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