The last 10-mile trot before race day

Let me start off by saying that work this week has been crazy so far. I walked in Monday morning and haven’t stopped going until this morning. I am currently waiting for an appointment to come in so I am grabbing a few moments to write about my Saturday morning run.

I woke up at the crack of dawn once again and made the 40 minute drive to meet my running group on Saturday morning. It was a tad chilly out but not so much that I couldn’t handle a tank top until I warmed up. I looked for my running buddy but didn’t see her around. I synced my watch and started the 10-mile run I had before me. Miles 1-3 flew by. I didn’t know who I was! I was trotting along at a good pace barely even noticing that each mile was passing. I only walked once every two miles, like I was stopping at the water stops on race day, and kept up my 12:30 pace. I forgot to hit the start on my watch when I stopped my watch to grab some water at a water cooler and missed a whole mile of my run before I started it again.  At just over mile 4 I ran into my running buddy. She had started at a different place than the group. I slowed down a bit and chatted with her for about 2 miles. I said my goodbyes and picked my pace back up to finish the remaining miles. I even finished far enough from the start to walk a bit and cool down. It was such a successful run!

I tried my GU Recovery Brew in chocolate after the run. I mixed it with milk and let me tell you, it was delicious! It had sort of a coconut flavor mixed with the chocolate flavor. I am a huge fan. I went to sleep that night and woke up refreshed, no aches and pains from my run the morning before! It was a first. I will definitely be buying the container of it when I get paid this week!

I missed my run on Monday and Tuesday due to the craziness at work at and surprise rendezvous with the boy. I am running 5 miles Friday morning and 6 Saturday morning on the West coast of Florida. I will keep y’all updated!

Has anyone else ever tried a recovery drink? Did they work for you?


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