Sunshine State Races Half Marathon

My 10 mile run two weeks ago ended up being the last run before my half marathon this previous Saturday. I know busy isn’t an excuse, but that’s what it was. My personal experience with this race wasn’t necessarily a great one.

I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning and ate a bowl of oatmeal. I usually don’t eat before running so this wasn’t my smartest move. My mom and I packed up and headed to the race. I parked at a parking garage a few blocks away because it was close to where I was going for brunch afterwords. My mom and I walked to the start of the race, barely making it before it was time to assemble. I gave her a kiss and started warming up. Due to sound ordinances, there was no gun shot announcing when to go, just a guy saying go. I started my 13.1 mike journey at about an 11 min pace. They first two miles breezed by, minus the fact that I had to pee. I was promised a port o potty at every two miles, but the first one was locked. The course went out for a mile and a half then turned around and headed back in the direction we came. At the turnaround, I started running into the wind. It was brutal, strong wind but I still kept a quick pace till mile 4 (I had to pee). I passed by my mom again at the start line at mile 3. It was a great little motivator. I kept running the 11 minute pace till mile 6 and looked at my watch thinking, if I keep this up, I’ll finish under 2:30. Then it sunk in how terrible that wind was. By mile 8 I was exhausted and convinced I couldn’t carry on. There was a big loop around to start heading toward the finish line at mile 8 and I was hoping that the strong head wind I faced would turn into a nice tail wind. The wind had stopped. I did a combination of run/walking the last 4 miles and dragged myself over the finish line. My little cheering section had grown from just my mom to include my aunt and dad and a surprise guest, my boyfriend! I was so happy to see them all and even more excited for the bottomless mimosas coming at brunch.

Finish time: 2:53:27

Splits: 13:17 per mile

Packet pick-up: The packet pick-up at this race was fantastic. It was literally in and out. I think I was there maybe 3 minutes getting my bib, chip and shirt.

The medal: Pretty plain medal but hey, it’s another medal for my collection.

The Swag: Definitely my most bland race shirt yet. I love the color though.

The Good: Overall the race was very well organized. The course was beautiful and I really don’t have any complaints about anything the race organizers could have fixed. The weather was not their fault.

The Bad: The water pouches they handed out were warm and tasted disgusting. I’d much rather have the little cups next time.

The Ugly: The wind was definitely the ugliest part about this run. It was a hot day and the wind just took it out of all the runners. I pray to never run into wind that strong ever again.

Overall, I’d only run that race again to prove to myself that I could beat the weather conditions.




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