Positive Thinking and Summer Goal Setting

I’m a slacker when it comes to running. I’ll get very passionate and goal-oriented then one day, it’s gone and I’m back to slacking. I am not really sure why I lose motivation other than I usually just end up talking myself out of the mileage or even the run in its entirety by the end of the day. I have only pulled myself from bed early on a Saturday morning once since before my half marathon when it wasn’t for a race and I only ran two miles.

What is wrong with me? What happened to all the drive I have had in the past. I got into a short relationship (about 2.5 months, barely worth counting) and my entire schedule has been thrown off. With summer quickly approaching I’m left wondering what do I do? The answer once again magically seemed to appear in Runner’s World this month. There was an article relating to positive thinking. How ironic that many of the problems the runner described in the article are things I struggle with. She listed the fears she feels while running a race, like that she can’t maintain this pace and focusing on the time and distance rather than how she feels. I am constantly doubting my body’s ability to do what I’m asking it to do. When I was being pushed by Brianne during my most recent 10-K, holding a pace well below my normal pace was easy.

It’s mental blocks most of the time that get me. I’m too tired/hungry/sore to carry on. I can’t breathe. I don’t have time to run. My bed is too comfy. The list could continue but I think you get the point. The article suggested setting goals and positive thinking. Each person will need to find their own way to motivate yourself. With the summer months approaching and the humidity already setting in (South Florida is a literal sauna from end of April through October), I needed a list to get me through the off-season for races.

My positive mantras start today. I WILL run 4 miles today. Even though it will be hot, I will run 4 miles. Even if I have to pant heavily. That’s what I keep telling myself at least. I’ve created a list of summer goals that I will accomplish this summer. It may seem pretty hefty, but as goal-oriented as I am, I need these to complete. I have a page I have added to keep track of these goals as the summer goes on.

Summer Goals: Due Date August 31, 2013

Run at least 4 times a week, every week: I will be posting a recap at the beginning of every week going over if I completed this or not

Run the Run, Sweat and Beers 5-K in under 30 minutes: This is on July 18. My fastest 5-k is just over 34 minutes, and I am confident with the training I’ve put in since then, I can accomplish this

Complete the Loggerhead Triathlon on August 3.:This should be interesting since I currently don’t have a bike and I still can’t really swim

Be able to run 6 miles without stopping: I currently top out at 3.

Be able to run 6 miles in 60 minutes: My last 10-K I averaged 11:12 minute miles. I am fairly confident that I can shave a minute off my mile average in 4 months, since I did it before, but we will see. I want to run my whole marathon at a 10:00 minute mile pace so I better start training now.

That’s all I have for now. I’m sure my crazy mind will think of some other obnoxious goal for me to complete.

What are your summer goals and how will you stick to them


Gumbo Limbo Green Turtle Gallop 10-K

A few weeks ago I ran the Gumbo Limbo Green Turtle Gallop 10-K. I was sort of nervous about this race. I had been slacking (isn’t that the theme of this blog?!?) and I was slightly dehydrated…hey I’m 23! I signed up to run with my friend Brianne who had never run anything longer than a 5-K so we were both a little wary of what lie ahead. We met at the park a little later than I would have liked and went to the packet pick up. Since we registered early, we were guaranteed the correct shirt size (hooray!) and then we trotted back to my car, dropped everything off and quickly walked back to the starting line. There was a good amount of people, about 500, which surprised me for a 10-K in Boca. I love 10-Ks but they are so dang hard to find! We started out at a pace much quicker than I’m used to maintaining, about 10:45. I was nervous about trying to maintain this pace, especially since I had been slacking so much previously. I held strong through the first mile. The first water station was at mile 1.5 and I grabbed water and kept holding strong at that quick pace (quick for me! Maybe not for everyone else). I kept chugging along right up to mile 3, where we took our very short walk break. We picked back up and at mile 4, Brianne got her “first time at this distance” energy and took off. She finished about 5 minutes ahead of me. I came up to mile 5 and realized I had almost 20 minutes to finish this last stretch and come in under my time from 4 months ago. I was ecstatic. I pushed through the last 1.2 miles and finished just under 70 minutes at 1:09:28!

The race benefitted the turtle rescue at Gumbo Limbo. There was a person dressed up at Luna the turtle and of course I had to take pictures. The top finishers received a stemless wine glass with the race logo on it and there was a raffle. I was pleased to win GU Electrolyte Brew (over $30 value!) so I made my money back for registering for the race. The course was beautiful, along the beach, and it was for a great cause. Who doesn’t like turtles?




Finish time: 1:09:28

Splits: 11:12 per mile

Packet Pick-Up: Seamless. No issues, just walked up and got my bib and shirt and walked away.

The Medal: No medal with this race. Kind of sad thing since everyone knows how much I like medals.

The Swag: Just a plain t-shirt. It is a very soft shirt and it has turtles on it. I would again like to ask who doesn’t like turtles?

The Good: The course was great. It was flat and quick. The weather was beautiful, not too hot and no cold front rolled in. The race was big enough that I actually felt like I was running with other people but small enough that I wasn’t crowded or running into people.

The Bad: I didn’t like that the course ran through a neighborhood, I always find that a little weird. I also want a medal, since we all know I’m too slow to win a wine glass 😉

The Ugly: Nothing ugly here.

I will be running this race for as many years as I can. I loved it!




Road To Boston

As I write this, I find it ironic that I was going to be posting this week regarding Boston but for a much different reason.

This weekend, I decided I was going to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I may not qualify any time in the near future, but eventually I would qualify. This is a huge undertaking for someone who has never run a full marathon before and finishes a half marathon in 40 minutes less than the time required to qualify for the full. All that being said, I will qualify, one day. And I will keep this blog as much journey.

Yesterday, when I first saw the posts about the explosions at Boston, my heart sank. I am not one to be affected by many things that happen, but this has shaken me to the core. Maybe it’s because I’m a runner or maybe it’s because I am old enough now to realize what an attack like this means for the nation. This wasn’t just an attack on America, it was worldwide. 92 countries were represented at the Boston Marathon this year, and 92 countries will be affected by this event. This was a charity event, and this year it was dedicated to those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Cowardly is the word that comes to mind when I think of this attack. Although this event is tragic, the one saving grace is the amount of support I am seeing on social media. Everyone pulling together to run in solidarity, acknowledging that we will not cower in fear but unite and run together.

I am heading to Washington, D.C. a week from Thursday to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday, April 28. Nike has yet to release a statement regarding the events yesterday and I am interested to see what their stance will be. I will still go and run the race. I might be nervous, running such a large event in such a prominent city, but I will be there. I won’t give up on something I love.

Runners are a strong and passionate community. They are supportive, joyful, and always pushing towards goal. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. During runs, even though they are tired, you can hear other runners encouraging each other, pushing each other forward. I am proud to be a part of this community and I know that we will all be remembering Boston today. I will be on my four mile run, bringing along two friends as well.