Road To Boston

As I write this, I find it ironic that I was going to be posting this week regarding Boston but for a much different reason.

This weekend, I decided I was going to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I may not qualify any time in the near future, but eventually I would qualify. This is a huge undertaking for someone who has never run a full marathon before and finishes a half marathon in 40 minutes less than the time required to qualify for the full. All that being said, I will qualify, one day. And I will keep this blog as much journey.

Yesterday, when I first saw the posts about the explosions at Boston, my heart sank. I am not one to be affected by many things that happen, but this has shaken me to the core. Maybe it’s because I’m a runner or maybe it’s because I am old enough now to realize what an attack like this means for the nation. This wasn’t just an attack on America, it was worldwide. 92 countries were represented at the Boston Marathon this year, and 92 countries will be affected by this event. This was a charity event, and this year it was dedicated to those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Cowardly is the word that comes to mind when I think of this attack. Although this event is tragic, the one saving grace is the amount of support I am seeing on social media. Everyone pulling together to run in solidarity, acknowledging that we will not cower in fear but unite and run together.

I am heading to Washington, D.C. a week from Thursday to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday, April 28. Nike has yet to release a statement regarding the events yesterday and I am interested to see what their stance will be. I will still go and run the race. I might be nervous, running such a large event in such a prominent city, but I will be there. I won’t give up on something I love.

Runners are a strong and passionate community. They are supportive, joyful, and always pushing towards goal. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. During runs, even though they are tired, you can hear other runners encouraging each other, pushing each other forward. I am proud to be a part of this community and I know that we will all be remembering Boston today. I will be on my four mile run, bringing along two friends as well.


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