The Color Run – Ft. Lauderdale

This was my second Color Run experience. The first one was in Miami on October 21 (day before my birthday!) and that was a totally different experience. Miami was over an hour drive from my house and Ft. Lauderdale is under 45 minutes. Parking in Miami was a disaster while Ft. Lauderdale was a breeze. Finally, the Miami course was through a park and Ft. Lauderdale was through the city in the downtown area.

I woke up at about 5:45am on Sunday morning, through my clothes on and ran out the door to meet Ariel to head down to Ft. Lauderdale. We stopped at Burger King for some fuel (of course) and grabbed a parking spot in the first garage we went in. We paid to park, which I thought was outrageous, and headed down to meet our third runner, Nicole. We named the team Running for the Border in honor of Cinco de Mayo. We took our white pre race photos and tried to track down the Runicorn (it was a guy dressed up in a unicorn costume to take pictures) but failed.



We headed over to the starting corral as soon as possible. In Miami, parking was so difficult it took forever for us to get over to the start corral. When we finally did, it took about 40 minutes to get to a group to start. This time, we were in the very first corral! With the Runicorn! Ariel and I took an easy run since we had just run the half marathon last weekend but we still lost Nicole pretty early on. There were just so many people! I made sure to get lots of color this time because I didn’t get much in Miami. We hit orange first, then yellow, blue and pink was last. The course was quick and easy, except one part where we went down into a tunnel and had to run uphill to get out of it. As you all know, I HATE hills.

Ariel and I even snapped a photo on the course.


We finished with a time of about 40:03. It’s not a timed run and we took it pretty easy to enjoy the color, so I think it’s not too shabby. Nicole finished right after we did and met us at the designated meet area. We grabbed our color packets and headed down to the color festival to throw our color in the air. It was then that I found the Runicorn and finally snapped a picture!


I had a fantastic time at the Color Run in Ft. Lauderdale. We headed home after snagging a Nesquik and when I got home, I decided picking up my white cat would be a good idea. He obviously wasn’t very pleased with that.







My very colorful hand!

Finish time: ~40:03

Splits: ~

Packet Pick-up: A breeze! I got right in to pick it up on my way to Miami for some fitness workshops. I picked up all three packets in about 5 minutes.

The Medal: No medal here, just color

The Swag: Not a very good picture but there were temporary tattoos, a shirt, a sweatband and a color packet for after the race


The Good: Everything! The course, the organization, the runicorn, the amount of color. Couldn’t have gone any better.

The Bad: Paying for parking! It’s my biggest pet peeve. I already paid to run the race.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly here. I was very impressed in comparison to the Miami race.

Overall it was a fantastic way to spend my Cinco de Mayo!


Nike Women’s Half Marathon – Washington, DC

I may have fibbed a little to run this half marathon. I signed up under guaranteed entry to sign up. I graduated from UCF last May, but I used my UCF ID to sign up as a student BECAUSE, while I was a student at the time, the school I was in did not issue student IDs and you needed one to register as a student. Whoops…

They didn’t even check student IDs though, so no worries there. I gave my mother the trip to DC with me for Christmas this year. My sister signed up to go as well so it was a great surprise for my mom. I had never traveled with my sister so that was interesting as well. We all got into the city on Thursday around 5pm, hailed a cab and headed to our hotel. We had dinner then walked down to the National Mall to get a look at the monuments at night. It was beautiful.

Friday, we went through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History then headed to Georgetown for packet pick up and to visit the Nike Store. Nike had set up the wall to have everyone’s names on the wall. Of course, Ariel and I searched and found our names. It was very neat. Packet pick up was a breeze so we headed to the Expotique. I was disappointed with it, not enough vendors.





We walked back up and went into the Nike store. Ariel bought the limited edition Tiffany blue Nikes and I bought a NWM tank and bright orange shorts with the NWM logo on them as well. Cute little outfit if you ask me! WE stopped at Georgetown Cupcakes and got a little something sweet. We were exhausted so we called it an early night and headed on back to the hotel.

Saturday we ended up back in Georgetown. It was the warmest day so my shorts made an appearance. We went on a Potomac River Cruise and grabbed dinner before turning in early for the race.

Sunday morning was race day! Ariel an d I left the hotel around 5:45am and barely made it in time for the race. I forgot my iPod so I was forced to run in silence. It ended up not being too bad. We dropped our bags off and headed to our corral. They started the warm up right when we got there and there were so many people. It was a swarm the whole time. It took about 5 minutes to get through the finish line then we could just barely do a slow jog. The first tunnel we went through had two sets of drummers and it was awesome. At the 5k mark there was a band playing their versions of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We kept running straight through till mile 5. We said we’d break after the 10k mark. We passed another band and the 10k mark and just kept going. We will run till halfway we said. The halfway point came and went, then it was 7 and finally we decided we would take a little break at 8. I ran all the way to mile 8, then stopped off at a port-o-pot, which added two minutes to my time. I took two more short breaks at mile 10, where I lost Ariel, and at mile 12 before I started my power run to the end. Mile 12 passed right in front of the capital building and it was beautiful. My mom and sister were there at the 13 mile marker cheering me on.

I blazed through the finish line a whole minute before my goal time for my last half (which I didn’t meet) on my watch (I stopped it for the potty break) and ended up only being 1:53 over the goal even having to stand in line for the bathroom. I was greeted by a very cute man in a tuxedo who gave me my beautiful Tiffany finisher necklace. I swooped some snacks and my finishers shirt and walked out of the finisher’s area to find my back (which I couldn’t find) and it ended up being all the way back before the finish line, about a half mile away. I met up with Ariel and found my mom and sister. I was disappointed by the finisher’s shop so I didn’t end up getting anything. Then we headed to brunch and had some mimosas!




Finish: 2:46:53

Splits: 12:44 mile

  • 5K: 0:40:38
  • 10K: 1:18:57
  • 15K: 2:00:24
  • 20K: 2:39:39

Packet Pick-up: A breeze! There was a line so we just went in and got everything!

The Medal: A custom designed Tiffany necklace. What girl doesn’t want that little blue box?


The Swag: Other than a necklace, we got a sweet shirt and a Tiffany bag to put all of our food in.


The Good: The course was amazing. The cheer sections were full. The on-course entertainment was the best I’ve seen. The weather was the perfect temperature. I didn’t even start sweating until mile 8. It was beautiful.

The Bad: The mile markers were a little small for my taste, but it wasn’t a big deal.

The Ugly: The waves really needed to start out at different times. They were too bunched together and it was like running in a swarm until the halfway point because there were so many people in my corral. My biggest issue though was how dang far I had to walk to pick my bag up. If I had wanted to buy something, I would’ve had to walk out of the finishers area, walk to my bag, and walk all the way back to the finishers area, probably a mile in total.

Overall, it was an amazing race. I couldn’t have asked for better weather, especially being a Floridian. There were so many people cheering since we ran through the heart of DC and it made pushing myself easy. I was actually glad I forgot my iPod so I could enjoy everything. This was put on very well considering it was the first year they did a race somewhere other than San Francisco. I’d love to come back another year.