Weekly Recap

I suck at blogging regularly, I know. But, I have my weekly recap. Eventually I will get better with this nonsense…

Monday: Day 1 in the pool! I have officially recruited a triathlon trainer. He is currently in the process of teaching me how to swim properly. This is a hefty task, especially considering when I first got in the pool he told me that I wasn’t necessarily the worst swimmer he’s seen. By the end of the hour, he was very impressed at my improvement!¬†

That evening I taught kickboxing.

Tuesday: I missed my scheduled run but I did teach an endurance class for my Cycle class that day. It was a lot of climbing with a whole song at 100% at the end

Wednesday: Taught the endurance class again first thing in the morning. That afternoon I went to my track workout with my trainer. It was just over 92 degrees with high humidity and direct sunlight so the workout was easier than usual. I jogged a mile warm up; 3 laps jogging the curves and running the straights; 1/2 mile for time; 1/4 mile time; 2 100m sprints. I felt like I may die at the end

Thursday: taught the endurance spin class again in the morning. See a pattern?

Friday: Day off!

Saturday: 6 mile run at about 11 minute pace. It was a great run. Can’t wait for 7 next week!

Sunday: Rest day due to rain.

I will get better blogging! I have been extremely motivated recently (except about teaching kickboxing, I still don’t enjoy it) and I really feel like I can run my full marathon at under a 10 min per mile pace. Here’s to 4 1/2 months of working my bum off to get there!

This week will go as such:

Monday: swim in the morning, kickbox in the evening

Tuesday: 4 mile run then teaching spin

Wednesday: swim in the morning, track in the evening

Thursday: spin in the am and either a run, bike or dancing in the evening

Friday: group workout with the triathlon group and run after work

Saturday: 7 mile long run under 75 minutes and then the Zoo !!! (I know this doesn’t pertain to exercise but I am so excited)

Sunday: 18 mile bike ride (eek!)


Woes and Triumphs

As promised, I am keeping up with my woes and triumphs from last week. I had lots of woes and lots of triumphs, although most of my woes were in my personal life. My workout week went as such

Monday: taught kickboxing and did upperbody weights

Tuesday: 3.1 mile treadmill progression run, starting at 4.5 for the first mile and increasing by .3 each half mile after that. Also taught Cycle

Wednesday: We had to put my favorite kitty down so this was a recover from being upset day

Thursday: Taught Cycle in the morning and again in the evening after another 3.1 mile progression run on the treadmill

Friday: drove to Gainesville

Saturday: drove back from Gainesville

Sunday: Rest

The only run I skipped was my Saturday run due to unforeseen circumstances. I have a 5-K this Thursday that will hopefully boost my confidence. My marathon training program starts on Saturday so I am also very excited for that.

My main triumph for last week was that I was able to complete a full 5-K on a treadmill. I didn’t stop and walk at all and after how discouraged I’ve been from trying to run in the heat, this was an amazing feeling. I can’t wait to see what the next week holds!

The Starting Line

I am apparently not the best blogger in the world. I am constantly forgetting to blog or I get so ridiculously busy I barely have time to eat or sleep let alone write about my days. Yesterday, I was reading articles on RunnersWorld.com looking for ways to stay motivated. I was reading 101 Kicks in the Butt and the very first suggestion is to create a blog to keep you accountable. I thought “Oh great! I have one of those!”, only problem, I rarely write in it. So here is my recommittal to keeping myself accountable. So I’m going to set myself up a little schedule so I won’t fail again because if you know me, I’m a planner. My weekly blogging will be as such:

Monday: Last Weeks Woes and Triumphs. This will include all of the exercise I did for the prior week, any new discoveries and a little bit about what the upcoming week holds. Since all of my training plans begin on a Monday, I figured it’s the best day to recap.

Tuesday: Monday’s workout recaps

Wednesday: No post today! I only teach spin on Tuesdays so I won’t have any runs to recap.

Thursday: Wednesday’s workout recap

Friday: Review of the week. Discussing any article, food, exercise, etc that peaked my interest thsi week

Saturday: LSD Breakdown. Since I run my long, slow distance runs on Saturdays, this is pretty self-explanatory

Sunday: No posts! It’s the day of rest for a reason people!

So that’s my weekly schedule. I don’t pretend to be the most interesting person in the world but at least I will be keeping myself accountable. My lack of motivation has been causing some severe problems in my marathon training that starts next week! Guess I better dig down deep!

How do you stay motivated?