The Starting Line

I am apparently not the best blogger in the world. I am constantly forgetting to blog or I get so ridiculously busy I barely have time to eat or sleep let alone write about my days. Yesterday, I was reading articles on looking for ways to stay motivated. I was reading 101 Kicks in the Butt and the very first suggestion is to create a blog to keep you accountable. I thought “Oh great! I have one of those!”, only problem, I rarely write in it. So here is my recommittal to keeping myself accountable. So I’m going to set myself up a little schedule so I won’t fail again because if you know me, I’m a planner. My weekly blogging will be as such:

Monday: Last Weeks Woes and Triumphs. This will include all of the exercise I did for the prior week, any new discoveries and a little bit about what the upcoming week holds. Since all of my training plans begin on a Monday, I figured it’s the best day to recap.

Tuesday: Monday’s workout recaps

Wednesday: No post today! I only teach spin on Tuesdays so I won’t have any runs to recap.

Thursday: Wednesday’s workout recap

Friday: Review of the week. Discussing any article, food, exercise, etc that peaked my interest thsi week

Saturday: LSD Breakdown. Since I run my long, slow distance runs on Saturdays, this is pretty self-explanatory

Sunday: No posts! It’s the day of rest for a reason people!

So that’s my weekly schedule. I don’t pretend to be the most interesting person in the world but at least I will be keeping myself accountable. My lack of motivation has been causing some severe problems in my marathon training that starts next week! Guess I better dig down deep!

How do you stay motivated?


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