Woes and Triumphs

As promised, I am keeping up with my woes and triumphs from last week. I had lots of woes and lots of triumphs, although most of my woes were in my personal life. My workout week went as such

Monday: taught kickboxing and did upperbody weights

Tuesday: 3.1 mile treadmill progression run, starting at 4.5 for the first mile and increasing by .3 each half mile after that. Also taught Cycle

Wednesday: We had to put my favorite kitty down so this was a recover from being upset day

Thursday: Taught Cycle in the morning and again in the evening after another 3.1 mile progression run on the treadmill

Friday: drove to Gainesville

Saturday: drove back from Gainesville

Sunday: Rest

The only run I skipped was my Saturday run due to unforeseen circumstances. I have a 5-K this Thursday that will hopefully boost my confidence. My marathon training program starts on Saturday so I am also very excited for that.

My main triumph for last week was that I was able to complete a full 5-K on a treadmill. I didn’t stop and walk at all and after how discouraged I’ve been from trying to run in the heat, this was an amazing feeling. I can’t wait to see what the next week holds!


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