A Bahamian Hangover and the week ahead

As I have just returned from a great trip to the Bahamas, the week ahead is looking dreary, especially considering tomorrow is Monday and I have to work. Yuck! That being said, I was lazy for most of today, finished all my laundry and I’m just prepping for the week.

This week, I have a full plate of running, swimming and biking. I am constantly exhausted but this week, I am determined to complete ALL, yes ALL, of my workouts. They are below:

Monday: 4 mile run

Tuesday: Run 5 miles easy and bike 15 miles/take a spin class

Wednesday: Swim with the triathlon group in the morning, track workout in the evening

Thursday: bike workout in the morning; run 5 miles steady in the evening. I am not going to lie, Thursday is going to be extremely difficult for me to complete. I am taking my State Board Exam that day for work and its at 4pm. I am going to at least get one of my workouts in, but both will still be up in the air

Friday: Stairmaster and treadmill workout

Saturday: 14 mile run (eek!)

Sunday: 20 mile bike

That’s a hefty workout schedule if you ask me, but I’m determined to complete it. I have it stuck in my head that I can speed it up and eventually be some great local runner that is extremely fast and wins awards in my age group (this is probably some dream that I will never accomplish but it’s there, pushing me along). So here I am, praying to the running gods to help me through my upcoming week.


Running form?

I embarked on my 11 mile run on Saturday morning feeling like a rockstar. I was going to own this run. I felt great the first miles and ran all the way to mile 2.7, where there was a bathroom that I needed to visit.

The problem during this glorious long run? The lightning storm that had made it’s appearance right from the get-go. I started off the run in the rain, not a sprinkle, straight up terrential downpour. This ended during the first mile but the lightning continued and was closer and closer with every bolt. By the time I reached the bathrooms, about 30% of my running group was huddling under the awning waiting out the storm and another 30% had cut their runs short and already headed back. I am sad to say that I joined the group supposed to go 13 miles in running to the 3.5 mile mark and heading back. Death by lightning is certainly not how I was looking to start my Saturday morning.

One of the girls I was running with began discussing my foot strike with me. I have always been a midfoot striker, but she insisted on forefront striking to be the best, especially since I am extremely flat footed and overpronate like none other. I have begun to change this up in my runs. I ran about 2 miles yesterday with a forefront strike and I have strange muscles in my legs that are sore. I have a track workout later this evening that I will once again try to implement this new foot strike.

Tomorrow, I will do my long run for the week since I fly to the Bahamas for a long weekend later that day. 13 miles, I’m coming for ya.

Run, Sweat and Beers 5-K

This is quite a bit late, but better late than never they say. I ran the Run, Sweat and Beers 5-K under the assumption that I would in no way come close to my goal of under 30:00 minutes. It was a hot, sticky day in South Florida and the humidity was brutal. The race was at 6:30pm on a Thursday, so my plan was to pick my mother up from the Tri-Rail station after work and head out west to the race. Right after I picked her up, a huge storm broke and it began raining. Raining is probably an understatement because it was like the storm of the century. We arrived at the park, along with a few other wary runners, very early. I breezed through packet pick-up and my mom and I began to wait out the storm. At about 6:15pm, the rain had slowed considerably but it was still a light rain. When it was time for the race to start, they lined us up at the start line (in the rain) and away we went.

I knocked out my first mile at a 10:14 pace. I am usually extremely slow and sore my first mile so I knew I could pick it up from there. I blew through mile two in 9:38. I was remember thinking, I can do this, I can get a PR here (I was still thinking I’d barely get under 34:00). I stopped for water just after the mile two marker and mile 3 came in at 9:53. I picked it up for the last .1 at a 7:37 pace and finished with an official time of 30:46.22. I almost cried (literally, my mom asked me why I looked so upset when I finished).

At the conclusion of my amazing race, we were rewarded with free chicken wings and unlimited beer. It was a glorious occassion.

Finish time: 30:46.22

Splits: 9:51/mile

Packet Pick-up: A breeze on the day of

The Medal: No medal but the beer and chicken wings makes up for it.

The Swag: a sweet dri fit shirt (that like most dri fit shirts, is too big for me), beer, chicken wings, and some coupons

The Good: Umm…free beer and chicken wings. Can you get any better than that.

The Bad: The rain, but that was uncontrollable

The Ugly: My watch died. I have a Garmin Forerunner 110 that bit the dust after the run. I’m pretty sure it had quite a bit to do with the rain. I will say this about Garmin, they took my watch back and sent me a refurbished one with no hassle. I am a huge fan of their customer service. Also, they ran out of wings so the slower run (which is usually me) didn’t get any chicken wings