Running form?

I embarked on my 11 mile run on Saturday morning feeling like a rockstar. I was going to own this run. I felt great the first miles and ran all the way to mile 2.7, where there was a bathroom that I needed to visit.

The problem during this glorious long run? The lightning storm that had made it’s appearance right from the get-go. I started off the run in the rain, not a sprinkle, straight up terrential downpour. This ended during the first mile but the lightning continued and was closer and closer with every bolt. By the time I reached the bathrooms, about 30% of my running group was huddling under the awning waiting out the storm and another 30% had cut their runs short and already headed back. I am sad to say that I joined the group supposed to go 13 miles in running to the 3.5 mile mark and heading back. Death by lightning is certainly not how I was looking to start my Saturday morning.

One of the girls I was running with began discussing my foot strike with me. I have always been a midfoot striker, but she insisted on forefront striking to be the best, especially since I am extremely flat footed and overpronate like none other. I have begun to change this up in my runs. I ran about 2 miles yesterday with a forefront strike and I have strange muscles in my legs that are sore. I have a track workout later this evening that I will once again try to implement this new foot strike.

Tomorrow, I will do my long run for the week since I fly to the Bahamas for a long weekend later that day. 13 miles, I’m coming for ya.


One thought on “Running form?

  1. Just run like you normally do. Don’t try to fix anything. Your body already functions a certain way for a reason. Overtime as you run more, your stride will naturally become more efficient for your body. There is no right or better way to run

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