2014 is a time for change

So on the road back to recovery after my set backs, I have started looking at 2014. I always have a hefty set of goals going into a calendar year, but I suppose I should put them all down as well as a 2014 race list.

My goals are pretty substantial, as usual. They are as follows:

1. Settle into a savings plan. This is my one financial goal of the year. Last year, I paid off my student loan in 10 months, moved out of my parents house and I am finally settled in my own place. Now that I am settled, I want to pay off the money I spent moving, and settle back into my savings plan. Who knew moving was so expensive?!?

2. Run a Marathon. This one’s the kicker. I was so close in my marathon training last time before it got ripped away. Now I am facing a 17 mile run tomorrow and I’m terrified. I’m having marathon nightmares. I’ve got killer shin splints and no determination. But tomorrow morning I will wake up and go. Hopefully I will succeed in my 17 mile run. If I do, I will continue with my plan to run the Miami Marathon on February 2. If not, I will regroup and pick a new one.

3. Run a half marathon under 2:00:00. This is a 34 minute jump from my current PR but I believe with a year of training for a fast half, I can definitely accomplish this. Once I get under a 2:00:00 half, I will start training for a 4:00:00 marathon (lofty goals I know)

4. Run my first triathlon. I’m ready, I can do this, just gotta pick one.

5. Run a sub 25:00 5-K. By the time summer’s over, I will definitely be able to make this goal (as long as I don’t get injured)

6. Give up soda. I will cry big cocodile tears giving up Coke, but I’m afraid it must be done.

My race calendar for the year is sort of barren right now. I have a lot of races I want to do but I am currently in limbo as to what my work schedule will look like so I have only committed to a couple

February 23, Disney Princess Half-Marathon, Walt Disney World, FL

April 12, Tough Mudder South Florida

July 17, Run, Sweat and Beers 5-K, Boca Raton, FL

November 27, Run 4 The Pies, Tequesta, FL

November 30, Space Coast Marathon, Cocoa, FL


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