Hard Exercise Works

It’s really that simple. Hard exercise…works. I was initially drawn to this company because their of the name “Hard Exercise Works”. Essentially, it is a Crossfit type of workout with cardio and weight-lifting mixed together. We bought two 5-week bootcamps where we go 5 days a week. I am obsessed. Tomorrow will mark the end of week 2 and I can already feel myself getting stronger. It is kind of expensive, $100 a month per person, but I would love to continue with it. I really feel like I got a great workout, and that I pushed myself after everyone one. Plus it is only an hour long.

I would love to make my blog a little more well rounded to fit who I really am. I love fitness, but I also love cooking and I have an extreme obsession with make-up (I think obsession is an understatement really). So, hopefully I will write in this more and I will make this more rounded to include everything about me.