Mental Stability

In the wake of the reason passing of Robin Williams, this post really seems fitting. Williams was struggling with mental illness and took his own life. I was planning to write about how my mind works against me when it comes to pushing my body and it saddens me to think about how it can push against you in other ways as well.

I am slow. I just am. I have been working my butt off (at least in my head) for a faster mile but out of the 8 or so miles completed, I have only run 1 in its entirety and it was 20 seconds short of my goal time. This is plain depressing. I am constantly feeling the need to walk because my longs are starving for air. I will admit, it is South Florida where the humidity level always lingers around 80% and it is 80 degrees plus when I do my run (after my workout which is a Crossfit/cardio mesh). But I will accept no excuses. Today I am increasing to 2 miles. By myself. My running partner/coach/boyfriend is currently out of town so there will be no one to harrass me, just myself. My goal today is to prove to him (and myself) that I am completely capable of self motivating AND succeeding. My mind is my only issue. I know my body can handle it, I am fit enough, but will my mind listen.

So I leave you with this, what do you do to convince your mind to keep going?


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