Running for distance or speed?

South Florida is HOT. It is muggy and over 90 degrees even at 6pm. Running in the summertime is based strictly on survival. Most runners here have learned that the harder you push yourself in summer, the better rewards you reap in winter when the temperatures (and humidity) drop and the race season begins. I am struggling for an 8:30 mile. I would just like to accomplish that goal once. Everyday after the gym, the drill sergeant (also know as my boyfriend) and I head out for a one mile run to accomplish this goal. Notice I said AFTER the gym. The struggle is real guys. I’ve only been able to run one complete mile and that was at 8:50. The drill sergeant said that I now needed to go 20 seconds faster and repeat that 13.1 times…isn’t he nice?

I ran on Saturday morning with one of my girl friends. She runs at a consistent¬†pace, generally arround 11 min miles. I love running with her because she’s steady, we have a great talk during the runs, and I can run all the mileage straight. I will continue my strive for an 8:30 as well as my distance runs with my partner. It’s all about perseverance right?


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