Team in Training

I’m not going to lie. I kind of jumped into this Team In Training (TNT) thing without too much thought. A few weeks ago I came to the realization that I had only raise 1/3 of the money I needed and the deadline was a mere 3 months away. I got cracking, sent letters, and now I am only $80 away! I will be posting about my TNT experience as things come.

I signed up with TNT for my 10th Half Marathon. This will be the third year I am running the Space Coast Marathon and I am hoping to beat both of my times from the previous two years with a sub 2:10. My running has been slacking but I am going to kick it into gear in the morning (pray I wake up). I created a training schedule similar to Runner’s World’s sub 2:00 hour plan. If I break two hours, I will sit down and cry big crocodile tears of joy at the finish line. Really, I will. Below is the training plan (again this is MY training plan, not a suggested one for everyone to use) so y’all can keep me accountable!

Space Coast 2015

I also created this little training log so I can log my miles and how I felt about them. I already printed them out and filled in my planned runs for the training period, so then I will be forced to write a sad face in when I miss the run.

Training log

Keep me accountable guys! I’ve got a lot of changes coming my way over the next few months and this blog will be where most of my thoughts get aired out.

My question for you is: Have you ever run with a charity organization? What was your experience like?