A Real Runner

I’ve been running semi-consecutively since October 2010. There are many, many times when I feel like a runner. Unfortunately, there are also an equal amount of time that I don’t feel like a runner. Recently, I have been feeling like an impostor. I hadn’t run more than a 5-k since my surgery in April and the 5-K I did  run was slow and nothing to write home about. I have a half-marathon on Nov 29 and I have been avoiding my long run at all costs. I was convinced that it would be the most miserable struggle and I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Halloween morning I finally dragged my butt out of bed for a 7 mile run. It was a cool morning in South Florida so  I was feeling pretty hopeful.I headed out at 6am on my usual route with approx 60 other runners. Since I’m a turtle, I was pretty much at the back of the pack. I figured out recently how to change my Garmin so that it will only show one mile at a time, so decided to just worry about each mile and not counting down until I was done completely. The first mile went by quickly, then the second, and all of a sudden I was at the water stop at 2.5 miles. I grabbed some water, ate some GU, and kept on chugging. I felt so refreshed! There were occasional cold breezes like someone turned on the A/C. I got to 3.5 miles, grabbed water from the water stop, turned around and headed back.

In all honestly, it was a pretty uneventful run. In the second half there was one point where I was feeling tired, and no lie, Eye of the Tiger came on my Pandora. Perfect anthem to keep going!  I ran all 7 miles without walking and the second half was faster than the first. Literally the perfect run. Yesterday was the first day I have felt like a runner. I feel completely rejuvenated! Maybe now it’s time for new shoes….

So tell me, what makes you feel like a runner?


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