The Undertrained

I am the queen of undertraining. I don’t know how it always happens. I set out, goal in mind, race plan set, and then somewhere along the way I fall off the wagon. Life gets in the way, and by life, I usually mean sleep. So here I am, 9 days before my FIRST marathon and I have more red days on my calendar than green and yellow combined (my training calendar has this neat little setting where the runs you completed turn green, less than completed yellow and didn’t do red).

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of issues. From being sent home by my fiancé at mile 12 during a 16-miler because I was limping was just one of them. I have been sick, have extreme tendonitis in both ankles, the world’s worst shin splint on top of the dead legs that come with the high mileage of Hanson’s Training Method, I let many of my runs fall to the wayside. I am slow, so I know I can probably run/walk about 20 miles or so and be ok, but there’s a 6 hour time cut-off and that’s a serious concern. I got cortisone shots in both ankles to get me through the marathon and at this point I am hoping for the best.

I am normally cool as a cucumber. Working in the death industry, nothing is as big of a deal as dying. Except apparently a marathon, because it is all I think about. I think about the pain, the slow time, the “getting picked up by the bus” fear, and everything else in between. It’s all I do. I hate running right now, marathon training has absolutely ruined my love of running. But I want to run this one marathon, one time, and never do another. Will I make it? I  have run all but 1 of my half marathons completely undertrained (except for the one I ran right in the middle of marathon training and it was one of my slowest but the whole course was basically hills where I had to BEND IN A 90 DEGREE ANGLE to walk up and for this Florida girl, that was rough). I finished, miserably, all of those half marathons. I can honestly say I don’t even think I have given a 5-K the training it deserves. But guys, this is a marathon. Something to be respected, and I have disrespected it. Completely.

So, pray for me. Feed me encouragement. Tell me I am not the only one who doesn’t follow the plan.


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