Guys, transitions are hard. Whether they are major life changes or just transitioning in a conversation because you’re over the topic, it’s not always the easiest thing.

There are lots of transitions going on in my life. Some are secret, and some are well known. The biggest transition I am going through (publicly) is from long-distance running to short distance/speed post-marathon. The marathon was horrible. I will not lie to you. There was no feeling of ‘what a wonderful accomplishment’. It was rough. But it’s over, and I’m done and I have no inclination to ever do that again. Either way, here’s me looking excited for a medal.


I look rough, because I felt rough. I was dying. I then got the horrid sinus infection that has been spreading throughout South Florida. Yay!

Anyways, running faster/shorter distances is a struggle. My legs don’t want to go fast and my mind has pretty much decided that running is terrible. I still love it, but the transition is slow.

I am excited to get back into triathlon training with some swimming/biking. I am excited for the holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite, especially since we host. Pictures will be posted. You will hear from me a lot coming up!

What transitions are you going through and how to do get through them?

Until next time. XOXO Gossip Girl.

I am 100% kidding, but I couldn’t help it!