50 Races 50 States

I’m slightly overambitious. I guess I don’t like being bored but I also have this strong desire to lie around doing nothing. I work 40 hours a week, run 4 days a week (hopefully), just opened my own Etsy shop and I try to maintain a healthy social life amidst my various hobbies. It should come as no surprise to me that I decided to add yet another goal to my already hefty list: I want to run 50 races 50 states. I want to complete this goal by my 50th birthday. Considering I am only 23, this should be easy to accomplish, right? Well, the Paulding Board of Realtors 5-K¬†was the first race completed for this category outside of Florida. The post about the race is linked above. I should be running races in another 2 states, Washington, DC (what state should I count that as?!?) and Minnesota. I’m excited for this goal and to visit new places! I’m a traveler at heart so this is a great goal for me.

I’ve noticed a few groups that have this as a challenge. All of them are to run a half or full marathon in every state. I have yet to find a group that is just dedicated to running a race in every state, no matter the distance. I don’t want to be tied down to a specific distance. I want to run races because they look fun and exciting, not to meet the required distance.

So I ask you this, does anyone know of groups that are for any distances?


Paulding Board of Realtors 5-K

So I decided on a new goal that will probably become a new post. I’ve decided to run a race in all 50 states. This run was the beginning of this mission. I have until I am 50 to complete this goal but I will have 4 states accomplished by the end of this year. Pretty good start if you ask me. Well I am up in Georgia visiting my sister and her family this weekend so I found a 5-K near their house. The race literally began just a mile from their house. I convinced my 15 year old nephew to run this. 5-K with me. Apparently this was a much larger run last year because this year, we were two of the three that showed up. Not only was it raining, but it was also in the low 40’s. My brother-in-law and mom woke up and went with us in the morning. The race organizers were so happy we showed up. The course was chipped time and you could tell that they spent a lot of money and time setting this up. One of my biggest fears has been being one of the only people in a race, mainly because I am like a turtle when I run. Well I faced my fear because we were the only two that started the race. A third runner showed up a little later and ended up beating me (she was fast). I had a severe cold when I arrived in Georgia. Luckily my brother-in-law is an EMT so he hooked me up with some medicine and by last night I was feeling pretty good and this morning it was completely gone. When I ran the race though, I was pretty sick. The course was through a new development and it was all hills. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we do not have hills in Florida. It was a struggle to say the least. But I finished, through the cold and rain (did I mention that this is the coldest weather I’ve run in too?). I think I tortured my nephew but I’m glad I ran it. It was a good experience and the group that put on the race was so supportive and awesome.

My nephew and I after the run


My race results! One out of one!


Finish time: 37:23

Splits: 12:02 per mile

Packet Pick-up: Pretty easy since we were the first ones there.

The medal: I got my first first place medal! This is actually the only race I’ve placed in. Even though its by default, it still makes me happy!


The Swag: Great swag! Two water bottles, bag, tshirt, pencils, pen, fanny pack and a planner!



The Good: How supportive they were. I’ve never been at a race that they were so happy to have me at. It was probably because I was only one of three but still…

The Bad: How few people were there. Even with the weather, I’m surprised no one came.

The Ugly: The weather! Seriously couldn’t be any worse.

Overall, I’m glad I ran this race and that I can cross a state off my list.

Shamrock 10-miler and 5K

This Saturday was the second part of the challenge I registered for. The first part was the half marathon I ran 3 weeks ago and the second was the 10-mile portion of this race. I was extremely happy with this race. First of all, it was right around the corner from my house. It is very rare that races are anywhere near where I live. There aren’t many pretty locations in my immediate area so usually I have to drive 25 or more minutes to a race. This race was a 5 minute drive. The parking was well organized and thanks to the time change, didn’t start till 7:30am. My parents and I parked and made our way to the start area for the run. My mother made me feel awesome by letting me know how cute she thinks it is when couples run together and that I should get a boyfriend to do that with (I had to remind her that I am forever alone). The race started and I ventured out on the 10 mile out and back course around Lake Osbourne. I had a pesky stomach cramp from the beginning of the race but I ran through it. I was determined to make the run in 2 hours. Eventually it went away around mile two and I trotted along to the turnaround point just past mile 5. On the way back, I started getting the pains associated with running, a pinch her, an ache there but I continued. It was such a beautiful day the last 5 miles actually went by rather quickly. I found a few runners at about my pace and set out to beat them. The last two miles my side cramp returned and I have a bruise on my stomach from pushing on it to make it go away. I was just barely over my goal time so I kicked it up into high gear for the last mile. My parents were waiting just before the finish line to take video and pictures. I have such a good cheering section. I charged through the finish line just over my goal, which is pretty good in my books.

Overall, such a great race and I can’t wait to run it again next year!

Finish time: 2:00:57

Splits: 12:05

Packet pick-up: This was the easiest packet pick up ever. I literally just walked in, got my things and walked out. I even got the shirt size I wanted!

The Medal: I love races themed to holidays so this medal is definitely one of my favorites! The picture directly below is the medal and below that is the medal next to the 10-miler side of the challenge medal.



The Swag: I am obsessed with this shirt. I love when races give out long sleeved dri-fit shirt. I may have gotten a little bad luck by wearing this during the race but I have zero green and it was a little chilly that morning


The Good: Everything about this race was good. The weather was beautiful, the course was interesting and just overall a good race. I heard that the race was as enthusiastic as last year, but it seemed pretty enthusiastic to me!

The Bad: I can’t find anything bad to say.

The Ugly: Definitely nothing ugly with this run.

Overall, I can’t wait to run it again next year!

Run Hiatus

I guess I have been on a bit of a run break. After my half and with another 10 miler quickly approaching, I took last week easy to recover. Last night was the first time I went on a run in a week and it was a quick and angry run. I had some frustration to let out so I ran at an 11-minute pace on the hills setting on the treadmill till I was too tired to continue.

Tonight I resume my 6 mile run schedule. I will be out in the chilly weather probably huffing and puffing the whole way. Let’s hope I don’t get sick…